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Welcome to my website. Hope my photography can inspire you.

I have been taking pictures since I was a kid. And never had a specific education at a photo school. I am a typical autodidact...

We lived near an airport in those days and I was fascinated by viewing military airplanes and took my first pictures. All on black and white film. In our dark room at home we produced our first photo's.

Photographing airplanes have been a great motivation and learning experience for me. I became an aircraft maintenance engineer and kept nature photography as a hobby.

I am lucky to work abroad many times a year and happy to get some spare time to "shoot" the specific surroundings and if possible wild animals. Most of the time I hire professional guides to help me find the right spots.

A couple of times a year, I try to make specific photo journeys . These journeys brought me e.g. to Malaysia, India, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sweden, Norway and Finland to mention a view.

Nowadays I am interested in getting very close to my subjects and use wide angle lenses for photography. I had to travel to special places like Alaska and South Georgia to allow wildlife to come close to me, to get that extraordinary photograph.

My location is anywere, but I am mainly somewhere in Europe or Africa. When I am "at home", I live in The Netherlands. In the most southern province of Limburg, almost on the border with Germany and Belgium.


Hope to welcome you every now and then on my website!


Micha Schipper


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